Terms & Conditions


The lessor is HAPPY3 GmbH with its registered office in Basel (hereinafter referred to as the lessor). The lessee is the respective natural or legal person registered in the rental agreement who rents a vehicle from the lessor.

Conclusion of the contract and tariffs

The booking of the desired electric scooters, which the renter makes, is a binding offer in the sense of the Swiss Code of Obligations. The contract is concluded by confirmation of the lessor to the lessee. We reserve the right to demand full payment of the rental fee for the entire rental period prior to commencement of the rental period.

If the renter does not take over the vehicle at the agreed time, there is no binding reservation.

The rates will be brought to the attention of the Hirer when the order is placed; they are available on the Internet at www.happyscooter.ch. By signing the contract, the Lessee confirms that he/she has previously taken note of the tariffs applicable to the contract between him/her and the Lessor and of these General Terms and Conditions.

Obligations of the Lessee

It is forbidden to use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The renter is obliged to drive the vehicle carefully.

Renter and additional drivers may use the rented vehicle exclusively for the agreed use, in particular only for private use as a means of transport for themselves. They are obliged to observe all traffic regulations.

For rentals the minimum age of the renter is 18 years.

Rebooking / Cancellation

After conclusion of the contract, the renter may withdraw from the contract free of charge or make a rebooking free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed time of rental commencement. A later cancellation will be charged with a 1-day rent. Cancellation of the contract must be notified to the HAPPY3 GmbH by telephone or e-mail before the commencement of the rental period. A rebooking is only possible if the vehicle category desired by the renter is available.

Handing over the vehicle / commencement of rental

The renter is obliged to present a valid passport or identity card when taking over the vehicle.
Vehicles are handed over to the renter in a safe operating condition with a full battery.

Rental price

The rental price is generally the rate agreed upon at the time of conclusion of the contract.

Terms of payment

Payment is possible by bank transfer (advance payment) or a valid credit card. Cash payment is not possible.

Limited liability of the landlady

Any liability of the Lessor towards the Lessee and any additional drivers for any kind of contractual and/or non-contractual personal and/or material damage is expressly excluded.

Duties of care and notification of the hirer

In the event of an accident, theft or other damage to the vehicle, the lessee must inform the lessor immediately and do everything necessary to reduce the damage. In particular, in the event of an accident involving personal injury, he must immediately notify the police and call them in. If the police refuses to take the accident report, the lessee has to inform the lessor immediately. The lessee is prohibited from acknowledging or satisfying a claim in whole or in part, unless the lessee’s refusal to acknowledge or satisfy the claim would obviously be grossly unreasonable under the circumstances.

The lessee hereby authorises the lessor to inspect police and/or official files in the event of damage.

Liability and Insurance

The tenant is liable for all damages as a result of intentional or grossly negligent conduct.

If the vehicle is handed over to a third party (additional driver), the renter has to take into account his own behaviour and is fully liable to the lessor for any resulting damage.

The lessee is liable to the lessor and third parties without limitation for damages as a result of:

– deliberate or grossly negligent damage
– careless handling of the vehicle and incorrect manipulation.
– Non-compliance with legal regulations (drunkenness, narcotic consumption etc.)
– Insufficient vehicle security (e.g. not locking the vehicle)
Return of the vehicle

The lessee undertakes to return the vehicle in accordance with the details set out in the rental agreement regarding the place, date and time of return.

The rental agreement ends at the agreed time. In agreement with the Lessor, the contract may be extended if the Renter requests this before the end of the agreed rental period.

Personal data of the tenant

The Lessee agrees to the storage of his personal data by the Lessor in compliance with data protection regulations.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Swiss law is exclusively applicable to the rental agreement.

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes between the lessee and additional driver on the one hand and the lessor on the other hand in connection with the rental relationship is Basel-Stadt.